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Determining paternity is necessary when a child is born out of wedlock or a married mother gives birth to a child that was not conceived with her husband.

Without it, the husband of the woman who gave birth to a child will have his name put on the birth certificate as the father.

A Dedicated Attorney Protecting Children's, Mothers' And Fathers' Rights

Channing Powell asserts the rights of children born of a marriage to not only financial support, but also the true identity of their fathers.
Establishing paternity can be voluntary or involuntary:
  • Voluntary paternity occurs if the natural father marries the mother before the birth of their child. If the couple remains unmarried, both parents can voluntarily sign a paternity form, putting the biological father's name on the birth certificate.
  • Involuntary paternity happens when a father refuses to acknowledge paternity or a mother and father disagrees on the paternity of a child. Either party can file a paternity action. The decision is made by the Chancery Court where the father, mother or child resides. Genetic testing can be used to determine paternity and is recommended.
Establishing paternity benefits mothers and children in many ways, including:
  • Custody and Visitation are established by Court Order
  • Child support and other benefits paid by the noncustodial parent
  • Expenses involving the pregnancy may be paid in part or all by the father
  • Children are added to confirmed fathers' existing insurance policy, or coverage is purchased for them
  • Sons and daughters are eligible to inherit assets from the father and his family and, if eligible, receive Social Security and veterans benefits.
Biological fathers who learn of a significant other becoming pregnant need to take immediate action by calling our law office. Quality time and the right to make decisions regarding a child are at stake. By not taking the necessary steps, a father may lose the rights to custody, visitation, and court notifications of proceedings regarding the child's placement, care and adoption

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