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Impact of Domestic Relations Issues in Divorce Cases

Impact of Domestic Relations Issues in Divorce Cases Divorce or the dissolution of a marriage is a very delicate process, and it totally recasts the parties' domestic relations for practical purposes. Divorce involves more than the spouses, and their children, properties, financial commitments and liabilities, and the emotions of everyone by the divorce should be considered. Divorce and domestic relations issues are deeply personal matters, and the family issues that lead to divorce are numerous. Domestic disputes that cause a divorce often reverberate throughout the divorce process and beyond, potentially for years if the spouses have children.

Particularly when there has been abuse in the marital relationship, the physical, emotional, and psychological impact on the parties can last far beyond the entry of the final divorce decree. Causes for divorce change with age, economic status, personal attitudes, and the spouses' behavior. Obvious issues that pave the way for divorce are bigamy, adultery, extreme cruelty and abuse, fraudulent conduct, gross neglect of duty, drug or alcohol abuse, and general incompatibility. Questions as to who will have custody of the children, who pays child support, who receives what in the property distribution process, as well who is ultimately responsible in a fault-based divorce are some of the emotionally-charged issues that come into play during the divorce process. Mediation between the parties can be one way to resolve or reduce the effect of the stress associated with such issues.

Another method of reducing the effect that domestic disputes have on the divorce process and beyond is for the parties to undergo counseling, whether alone or together. Spouses with property entanglements and/or children are likely to be forced to interact with each other for years after the divorce. Resolving domestic conflicts that formed during marriage often makes post-divorce interaction between former spouses less emotional, easier to manage, and more fruitful overall.

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