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Mississippi Family Law Attorney

Mississippi family law lawyer Channing Powell, focuses his legal practice on the following areas:


From the moment you decide to divorce, you want the process to be over. While Channing Powell works hard to get you through the process efficiently, he also appreciates the value of attending to every detail. The end of a marriage creates enough uncertainty. You want to know that your future is secure and your children are cared for. All cases are prepared for courtroom litigation, which often results in a resolution prior to trial.

Child Custody & Support

We share the court's focus on the best interests of children in custody and support proceedings. We encourage our clients to do the same. While parents are fleshing out their issues and dealing with the stress of divorce, children are experiencing the same sense of loss. One household becomes two, necessitating legal representation that puts an emphasis on the welfare of sons and daughters.


Establishing paternity helps mothers secure necessary financial support and fathers looking to play an important role in the lives of their sons and daughters. Most importantly, it provides peace of mind for a child who knows the identity of his or her father. Our job is to facilitate the process and get to the facts, allowing family members to move on with their lives.


Whether an adoption is contested or uncontested, specific steps must be taken and strict timelines must be adhered to. Because of the technical nature of adoptions and the statutory requirements for a proper adoption, Channing Powell attends to every detail of an adoption to ensure everything is done in accordance with the statutory requirements and case law so that the adoption may withstand any possible legal challenges.

Modifications and Contempt - When there is a substantial and material change in circumstances regarding children, child support, visitation or alimony, a modification of the divorce judgment may be necessary and desired by one of the parties. This may mean a change of custody, increase or decrease of child support or alimony, or a change of visitation. If one party is not complying with the judgment, we file a contempt action to obtain Court Ordered compliance.

In addition to the practice of family law, M. Channing Powell also represents Mississippi residents needing help with establishing a conservatorship, guardianship, drafting a will or probating an estate.

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